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Mary StatueHeritage resource management is more than opening an old house to the public, or putting photographs in a filing cabinet. Unless a site, its buildings, and its documents and artefacts are safely maintained, they will deteriorate. Their preservation must be actively planned.

We hope that this website assists you in doing so, whether you're visiting out of curiosity or are in dire need of assistance. Please contact us if you require more information.

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Current Projects

The Aud Theatre stabilization, Virden Manitoba

Aud Theatre Stabilization, Virden MBThe stage curtain is the main curtain before the stage of the auditorium, which was installed when the theatre opened in 1911. The curtain is constructed of four panels of linen, each 24 feet long, sewn together. On the auditorium side, the curtain is decorated with a painted Venetian scene.

The curtain is in remarkably good condition considering that it is 95 years old, survived the dereliction of the building, and was at one time laying in water on the stage due to a leaking roof.

Surface of the reverse was done with vacuums, and the painted front panel was cleaned using distilled water and a mild detergent.

The edges of the curtain, as well as areas of previous repair that were considered weak were reinforced using strips or cotton canvas affixed to the outside edges with Lascaux acrylic adhesive.

The top and bottom supports were be replaced with wooden supports fashioned much as they were originally constructed.

Minor inpainting on the painted side of the curtain where accretions were mechanically removed were carried out as the last phase of the project.

Santa’s Village
Children’s Museum of Manitoba

The Shoemaker and the ElvesThe Santa’s Village Vignettes depicting scenes from popular nursery rhymes and stories originally adorned the Winnipeg Eaton’s store during the holiday season. Since the Eaton’s closure, they have been on permanent display at the Manitoba Children’s Museum.

DFHCS, in association with the Association of Manitoba Museums provided a report to the Museum that included recommendations for upgrades to the HVAC, Lighting, and repairs to the exhibit.

Exhibits were opened, dismantled, cleaned and repaired. Plexiglas windows were installed on the vignette cases. HVAC and lighting were upgraded by contractors. The result is an renewal of a perennial holiday favourite.


Prince Charming in process Aspect of Santa's Village


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