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Policy Writing

Policies provide the framework on which to run a heritage institution, and all benefit from having a conservation component. We can assist you in writing new policies or reviewing existing ones to ensure they contain a conservation component. For example, an acquisition policy could have procedures for evaluating the condition or infestation potential of new acquisitions before they come into storage. A conservation component in an access policy will help protect an artefact or archival record from damage during use. A disaster management policy will help your organization and its collections prepare for, and recover from, natural and created disasters. Including conservation guidelines and responsibilities in your exhibition policy can protect your collections and simplify the process of exhibition.

Grant Proposals

Grants are a valuable tool for funding one-time projects or ongoing programs. We can assist you in preparing your grant proposal, ensuring that it supports the global plan based on your vision of your institution. We also work with a skilled professional fundraiser who provides a variety of fundraising services such as feasibility studies, major capital fund drives, and special events planning.

Collections Management

Bones in Boxes

We can help reduce the effects of chemical, physical and inherent deterioration on your collections by incorporating preventive measures into storage, handling, access, interpretation and display. We can help you rehouse artefacts and archival records with chemically stable enclosures using safe storage & shelving practices, and provide recommendations for inert, suitable shelving & storage equipment.

Archival Storage Boxes Archival Box

Assessments & SurveysWet Specimens

Modern artifacts can be composed of unstable materials that degrade over time, and can affect other artifacts in the area. As an example, the paper and the processes used for making images and transferring information after 1840 are often of poor or unstable quality. If the transfer and preservation of information is a priority, we can survey your collections and help you plan your reformatting needs.