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Disaster Response

It is generally accepted that the first 48 hours following a disaster are critical, and we respond to requests for disaster assistance within Manitoba, throughout Canada, and abroad. We can help you develop a disaster management plan, or work with your team to carry out your plan.

DFHCS works with Priority Restoration Services Ltd. (operating as Steamatic of Winnipeg), who offer recovery services for fire, water and mould damage. They are one of a handful of companies in North America - and the largest in Canada - who offer a vacuum freeze-drying service for water damaged documents and artefacts. They can be reached at (204) 786-3344 or through www.steamaticwpg.com.


If your collection is suffering from inherent vice, then proper storage will not add to the problem but neither will it solve it. There may be some particularly degraded items that you would like preserved, or a donor may make an important donation conditional upon conservation treatment being carried out. The question is, just what should be done? Should an item be repaired, conserved or restored? Which approach is the best?

A repair is the mending of something that is broken, in order to make it once again functional. Broken joints on a circulating library book can be repaired. Conservation is the stabilization of an item or object in order to make it functional or reformattable, and to remove the cause of deterioration. Removing a map from an unsuitable backing is a common conservation practice.

Mother of Peace Statue Mother of Peace Statue

Restoration is the stabilization of an item or object but not necessarily to make it functional or reformattable. It also involves the replacement of missing or damaged features in order to recreate the original appearance. Relining a damaged painting then inpainting the missing areas is a standard restoration practice. Both a restorer and a conservator should use the best quality materials available and adhesives and techniques which are reversible, should the need arise.

Conservation treatment depends on several factors such as an item's condition, the type and condition of the paper and inks, the materials that make it up, its original construction and its future use. A treatment is designed around the needs and condition of the piece to be treated. And although conservation treatment can prolong the useful existence of many damaged artefacts, proper storage can avoid the need for time consuming, expensive conservation treatments.

Pest Management


Although it is normal for a building to have an insect population, some types can cause significant damage to a collection and must be identified, controlled or eradicated. There are many methods for the monitoring and resolution of pest problems, many of which are inexpensive and relatively easy to carry out. Systematic monitoring has proved to be one of the best methods for deterring insect and animal damage.

Bug Sticky Trap


We can assist you by identifying existing and potential threats to your collections, and implementing preventive measures.