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Facilities Planning

There are many benefits to having a conservator involved at the planning stage of a heritage design/construction project. Decisions can be made regarding environmental control systems, pest management, lighting, exhibition and storage before construction begins, thus saving the time and money often wasted through retrofitting, redoing or adding onto a project.

We can also develop a storage area in an existing space, from the studs to the storage containers.

Exhibit Design

Improper materials used in the display and housing of artifacts can cause deterioration and damage. We can prepare guidelines to ensure that appropriate exhibit and display methods and materials are used, as well as build appropriate supports for books, flat paper, photographs and 3 dimensional records.

Parchment Clip Coat Mount

Disaster Management & Business Resumption

It is generally accepted that the first 48 hours following a disaster are critical, and we respond to requests for disaster assistance within Manitoba, throughout Canada, and abroad. We can help you develop a disaster management plan, or work with your team to carry out your plan.

DFHCS works with Priority Restoration Services Ltd. (operating as Steamatic of Winnipeg), who offer recovery services for fire, water and mould damage. They are one of a handful of companies in North America - and the largest in Canada - who offer a vacuum freeze-drying service for water damaged documents and artefacts. They can be reached at (204) 786-3344 or through www.steamaticwpg.com.

Environmental Monitoring


Appropriate levels of temperature and relative humidity have been shown to reduce the deterioration rates of organic and inorganic collections, whereas inappropriate ones hasten it. However, temperature and relative humidity can vary enormously according to the season and the efficiency of a building’s equipment, especially during the spring and fall. We monitor your storage and display areas for visible light, ultraviolet light, relative humidity and temperature over a day, a week, a month or a year, and make short, medium and long-term recommendations for improvement.